Waterproof versus water-resistant flooring

When you need excellent floor covering in areas where water damage is possible, you'll find that it does matter whether you choose water-resistant or waterproof floors. But what's the difference?

In today?s post, we?re going to compare these two products. Once you know more about each, you?ll be more likely to make an informed decision based on the facts, so read along here.

Waterproof floors or water-resistant?

Waterproof floors and water-resistant floors are not the same things. While they do serve their purpose in giving you more time to clean up spills, moisture, and dampness, they are not entirely impervious to water.

For instance, if a water-resistant floor gives you up to 72 hours to clean up messes, that means you'll be safe from damage for that time. However, if you allow the liquid to sit on the surface past the time it?s rated for, you will eventually find the materials begin to break down.

When you choose waterproof flooring, you?ll never have to worry about damage, no matter how much time passes. These floors protect you from all water damage, even in some flood-like conditions, giving you the peace of mind you have always deserved.

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