Waterproof flooring: How it?s made

Waterproof flooring: How it?s made

Pardon the pun, but waterproof flooring is making the biggest splash ever in the market. Brands like Mannington, Evoke, and Neptune Flooring are flying out our door.

Waterproof floors offer the highest level of moisture protection. No matter where you live, you need it because we all make plenty of moisture in our homes?ourselves and without Mother Nature's help.

What is waterproof flooring??

Waterproof vinyl flooring is a more advanced version of luxury vinyl. It is constructed to be even thicker and more durable and is built with the WPC or SPC technologically advanced cores that will never peel or ripple. Ever!

The many layers

Waterproof vinyl flooring is layered with a top, clear, strong coating over the printed design sheet.?

This coating, called the wear layer, protected the floor from scratches, scuffs, and dents, making it impossible to wear down the design sheet!

At the very top is a clear urethane finish to add extra strength and shine. Of note: WPC & SPC cores are so durable they're graded for commercial use.

What exactly does waterproof mean?

Waterproof flooring
is impervious to liquid, whether floors are submerged or spilled on. The capability is inherent since it's made from waterproof materials, vinyl, and the WPC or SPC core.?

Your waterproof floors in Fort Collins, CO, will never see water damage, no matter how much there is?or how long it's been there.

That's not the same as water-repellent, which must be wiped immediately.

Stylish enough for any room

Wood, stone, and tile designs have textures, depth, and dimension. Images are vibrant, accurate, and clear with knots, grains, and color/veining variations.

The floors follow all the trends, and you can get any color, including trending grays, whites, whitewashed and high variation. Like original luxury vinyl, the material is cut into planks or tile-sized pieces.

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