Exploring contemporary hardwood flooring

Exploring contemporary hardwood flooring

Contemporary hardwood flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Its timeless elegance and versatility make it an excellent choice for both modern and traditional interiors. Here are some key features that make contemporary hardwood floors stand out:

  • Wide Planks: Contemporary hardwood floors often feature wider planks, which can create a sense of spaciousness and modernity in any room.
  • Unique Finishes: From high-gloss to matte finishes, contemporary hardwood floors offer a wide range of options to match your preferred aesthetic.
  • Diverse Wood Species: You can choose from various wood species, each with its own unique grain patterns and colors, to achieve the look you desire.
  • Sustainability: Many contemporary hardwood floors are sourced from sustainable forests, making them an environmentally conscious choice.
  • Durability: Hardwood floors are known for their durability, and when properly maintained, they can last for generations.

1. Preparing for Installation

    Before you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of contemporary hardwood floors, some essential preparations are necessary. Here's what you should consider:

    2. Subfloor Inspection and Preparation
      A solid and even subfloor is crucial for a successful hardwood floor installation. Before the installation team arrives, it's important to inspect the subfloor for any issues like moisture, unevenness, or structural problems. If needed, our experienced professionals at JT Flooring, LLC, can provide subfloor repair and preparation services to ensure a smooth installation.

      3. Acclimatization
        Wood is a natural material that can expand or contract with changes in temperature and humidity. To prevent issues like warping and buckling, it's essential to acclimatize the hardwood planks to the room's environment. This typically involves storing the flooring materials in the room where they will be installed for a certain period, allowing them to adjust to the room's conditions.

        4. Furniture and Obstacles
          Clear the installation area of any furniture, appliances, or obstacles that might hinder the process. Make sure the space is empty and accessible for the installation crew. You should also consider how the installation might affect other areas of your home and plan accordingly.

          5. Choose the Right Finish
            Before installation, discuss your finish preferences with our team. The finish you choose can greatly impact the final look of your hardwood floors, so it's important to select one that complements your overall design and lifestyle.

            6. Professional Installation at JT Flooring, LLC
              When it comes to installing contemporary hardwood floors, it's crucial to entrust the job to experienced professionals like those at JT Flooring, LLC. Our skilled installers have the expertise to ensure your new floors are installed flawlessly, enhancing the beauty and value of your home. Visit our showroom in Fort Collins, CO, to explore our extensive selection of contemporary hardwood flooring options and discover how we can transform your home into a masterpiece of modern design. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards your dream hardwood floors!